Do you suspect your partner is having an affair?
Whether your partner is actually cheating or you just suspect they are it is very stressful.

Make use of our services to give you peace of mind and to give you the evidence you require.

We regularly update clients during surveillance and a full report is supplied with all services.

We can offer static/mobile operatives for covert surveillance.  Any photographs or video would be included in a formal report that would be fully admissable for any resulting court proceedings.

Vehicle Trackers (electronic surveillance) 
Trackers can be used to build a history of movement or to allow our clients to live track a vehicle. 

This is a more cost effective option to start an investigation.
Our deployment and use of Vehicle Trackers are compliant with the Good Practice Guide & Policy Use & Deployment Of Global Positioning System (GPS) Electronic Tracking Devices published by The Association of British Investigators, click here to download.

Do you have a property/asset that you require monitoring?

If something you own is under threat then surveillance may give you the information you need to put your mind at rest.